Products Using Our Barcodes

The EAN barcodes that we supply are suitable for use on any retail product worldwide (with the exception of books and magazines). They can be used both in normal retail stores and in online stores (e.g. Amazon, CD Baby,

We support our clients and their unique products by providing them legitimate, verified and globally acceptable Barcodes that add more value, stand unique, protect from copiers by providing global ownership certificate.

We work with various Local and foreign clients ranging from Beverages & Liquor producers, Food Items Producers, large edible Oil manufacturers, Textile, Coffee roasters and exporters, Mineral Water Factories, etc.

Some of the clients and their products we support are listed below, you can reach back to us if you need more input.

Beauty – cosmetics and washing products by Zalash products come in a variety of size’s and natural ingredient such as almonds and olives. Currently manufacturing hair oil, shampoo, conditioner, glycerin and dish soap.

Food & Beverages – Highly ranked Organic Arabica Coffee by the known TOMOCA, tasty wines by Awash Wine SC and Castle Winery. Many other organic local honey, spices, Injera and oil products  from WA Oil Factory and Belay Industrials are included.

Health – face mask and medical equipment products of TKBD Medical and Royal Medical Textiles included. Vera cleaning and cosmetics products are known to have a premium quality in the health sector.

Clothing – Antex textiles of the latest fashions.

Other – Viv Beverages, Sendelet Foods and the latest various flavour chips products of Teddy Chips by Alkhalil Foods.