ITF-14 Barcode images

Here you can purchase ITF-14 images (which go on the outer delivery cartons containing your retail products). These will be emailed through to you in a standard size with four different formats (Jpeg, PDF, png & SVG) once your order has been received.

If you have purchased EAN13 barcode numbers as well or supplied EAN13 numbers at the time of purchase, our automation system has created your ITF-14 carton barcode(s), and they will be part of this email.

If the system hasn’t worked, or we need to create the images for you manually, we will email them to you within the next 1-12 hours (this depends a little on the time of day of your order & the fact that our offices are in New Zealand). Please check your junk mail box also if needed.

Please ensure that you have supplied us with either the ITF-14 number(s) or the EAN-13 or UPC numbers that you want us to create the ITF-14 codes for.

If we are creating an ITF-14 barcode based on your EAN13 barcode number, we normally add 1 to the front of the EAN13 number and then recalculate the last digit checksum.


Quantity Price per image
1  Br 923
2  Br 769 each
3  Br 615 each
4+  Br 493 each
10 +  Br 369 each
20 +  Br 247 each
50 +  Br 122 each


Note – All prices are in Ethiopian Birr

ITF-14 Barcodes


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